Do you offer parking?
Yes, we offer FREE parking for the duration of the rental period. Customers simply need to tell the attendants that they are there for the waverunners/parasail.  The attendants will direct you where to park.
What is the best time to rent a waverunner?
Morning! Why?

  1. We have the best deal on the beach with our $20 off the hour discount before 11am.* 
  2. The waters are less busy
  3. The waters are typically calmer
  4. No better way to start your day
Where can we go on the waverunners?
We have a very large riding area.  We are located on the edge of the Clearwater Pass so you are right at the entry to the Gulf with open riding to about 1.5 miles out.   We need to physically see the machines at all times during the rental, so there is no riding up or down the coast.  Also, you cannot go into the inter-coastal as that is mainly all a no-wake zone.  
Can we make reservations? Do you go on a wait?

No reservations required – this is island time!  We have plenty of machines and will have no problem getting you out on the water quickly.

We will happliy take your information in advance to get your into our calendar with an approximate time. This does not guarantee a time to get on the water. There is paperwork to fill out, an introduction to the machine and operating instructions, and depending on age, you may have to take a boaters license test. Please plan for these things if you are trying to stick to tight time frame. 

To reserve all waverunners, you can make a reservation for “first skis out” at 10am. This is typically the only way to guarantee all waverunners. You must show up 30 minutes in advance to fill out paperwork. If you have caught island-time fever (are late), then we’ll go to “first come, first serve.”

On busy weekends and holidays, and depending on walk-up business, we sometimes go on a wait. 

Do you have a beach? Do you have chairs & umbrellas?
Yes, we have a small beach that you can lay out on, swim at, collect shells, or just watch the wildlife.  If the beach is larger enough (as the beach size varies with tide and recent storms) then we do have chairs & umbrellas to rent.

2 chairs and one umbrella are $20 for the day.

Is there somewhere for people to hang out if they do not want to go out on the waverunners or parasailing?
Absolutely.  People can hang out on the beach (and maybe rent paddleborads?), hang out at Jimmy’s Fish House restaurant at the Holiday Inn, or hang out at our picnic table by our tiki hut.  
Do you have lockers or somewhere for us to put our things while we are out on the water?
We do not have lockers, but we are happy to store your stuff in our tiki hut while you are out on the water. We have full recorded surveillance so there is no need to worry.
How long does the parasailing take?
The flight is usually about 12 minutes. You can be on the boat for about 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of flyers.  
How many waverunners do you have?

We have 8 Yamaha Waverunners, up to 3 passengers each.

Do you have children’s life jackets?
Yes, we have lifejackets that fit as small as 3 years old.  However, the youngest we’ll let children go out is 5 or 6 years old, depending on size (larger is safer).
Do you have any wetsuits?
No, we do not offer wet suits.
Are you properly insured?
Absolutely. You cannot legally operate without insurance.
What is your policy regarding alcoholic beverages?
Under no circumstance are customers allowed to drive a waverunner if they have been consuming alcohol. Even one drink can be a liability. We have a breathalyzer and take the rules of the “road” seriously.