Our parasail captain has been on these waters for years and knows the conditions better than any to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone. 

What to expect:

You’ll enjoy a nice short ride out into the Gulf of Mexico.  The crew will get you into the safety harness and when you are ready, you’ll be lifted gently into the air to enjoy beautiful views of Clearwater Beach and surrounding islands.  You will be in the air approximately 10-12 minutes and on the boat for about 30-45 minutes depending on how many people are parasailing.


  • $80 – per person + tax

  • $30 – non flying rider + tax


  • Must be 18yrs+ or have a parent or guardian present to sign up for parasailing
  • At least 2 people must parasail at once, no single rides
  • Minimum 150lbs combined weight to ride  (or more depending on wind conditions)
  • Maximum 550lbs combined weight 
  • Maximum 6 persons on boat